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UniLock was established in 2001 and entered the market with its revolutionary lock design. We design, manufacture and support electronic locks and locking systems. UniLock successfully merged physical security with electronic functionality in an internationally patented product range, which successfully passed the South African field test in variety of applications.

These locks have a variety of features (time lock, multiple keys for opening one lock, audit trials, remote programming, etc) and typically operate with electronic keys, which are fully controlled by the Client or UniLock, depending on requirements.  Locking systems for safes and drop safes are presently our main application.

UniLock offers significantly enhanced security for conventional applications and opens new possibilities with converting a variety of applications into fully access controlled environments. 



UniLock Vision and Mission

We work to become a world leader in setting standards for future locks and locking systems.

Through logic and mind power, utilising our

-          passion and commitment,

-          knowledge and experience,

-          professionalism and flexibility

we create revolutionary and beautiful solutions striking with harmonic simplicity and resulting in lasting functionality.